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• JIMMY Z WEDNESDAY 7/9/14 Side 1
July 09, 2014 08:33 PM PDT
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• The mess at the border: Obama is responsible for all of it
• Feds sue company for firing people who couldn't speak English
• Rage and division: By design, Obama has Americans battling
• Border agents says Obama facilitating human smuggling
• July the 4th Part 1: Ava Aston: We The People

• JIMMY Z WEDNESDAY 7/2/14 Side 1
July 02, 2014 08:55 PM PDT
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• The parents are to blame for baby injured by police flash grenade • Obama whines and complains about criticism of his corrupt administration • Weekly Address: Obama on economic priorities after 5½ years in office • Rush says everything happening in America results from Obama policies • Obama: GOP lawmakers generating 'phony scandals'

• JIMMY Z WEEKEND 6/14/14 Side 1
June 15, 2014 10:05 AM PDT
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• Overview: The increasing pace of new problems in America • Liberals are insane: Dr. Lyle Rossiter Jr. documented it in his book • The kids crossing our border: Limbaugh's excellent questions • Bobby Schuller tells a great airline story on The Hour of Power • Obama's big speech at the Big A-Hole: Climate change for grads • School assembly celebrates homosexuality for kids as young as 5 • Video of assembly removed twice now: I thought they were proud!

June 03, 2014 06:25 PM PDT
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TUESDAY • Did Obama break the law in negotiating with Taliban terrorists? • Hero or deserter? Bowe Bergdahl appears to have left his post • The safety of all Americans is at risk, military and civilians traveling • Obama audio skipped over: Obama and Bergdahl's parents • Obama says that the US will never leave one of our own behind • Bergdahl promoted to Sergeant during Taliban captivity • Father of captive soldier tweeted efforts to free all Gitmo prisoners • Tweet deleted but screen captures exist: Is Bob Bergdahl Muslim? • National Review: Obama replenishes the Taliban with five released • Chuck Hagel very happy with deal freeing five dangerous terrorists

• JIMMY Z SUNDAY 5/24/14 Side 2
May 25, 2014 12:06 PM PDT
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• Police investigating shooter's rampage in Isla Vista, CA • Narcissim and asperger's syndrome created 'a supreme gentleman' • Audio: Clips from Elliot Rodger's Youtube Videos as rage ramps up • Rodger also wrote 137 page manifesto about his coming killing spree • 10 crime scenes in mayhem all over town near Santa Barbara • Father of one victim blames the members of the NRA for son's death • Answering the father's accusations and closing comments 

• JIMMY Z TUESDAY 5/20/14 Side 2
May 20, 2014 07:13 PM PDT
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• Bill Keller's comments on transgender Bradley Manning
• Feds release 36,000 illegal immigrant criminals, some violent
• Lamar Smith of Texas calls release the biggest jail break ever
• ICE ordered to stay silent on report that exposes release
• Same week: Obama speaks out on immigration reform
• Jimmy Z: The Debate President Obama Would Never Allow
• Iowa hospital layoffs due to ... wait for it ... Obamacare
• Veteran's Administration Scandal getting bigger all the time
• Dept of Agriculture inexplicably orders submachine guns
• More states have judges forcing them to marry homosexuals
• Statewide plastic bag ban coming to California

• JIMMY Z MONDAY 5/12/14
May 12, 2014 08:45 PM PDT
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• St. Louis Lambs draft mediocre Michael Sam
• There's no crying in baseball, but a lot of it in football apparently
• ESPN commentators still aren't happy with Sam's 7th round draft
• Facebook Friend Mike's commentaries are very interesting
• Wall Street Journal: This is just what most teams were afraid of
• Miami Dolphin slap down Don Jones for expressing his reaction
• Not drafting Michael Sam would have been seen as homophobic
• Obama (of course) congratulates Sam and the Lambs
• Michael Sam adviser writes in Time Magazine
• Lambs coach says they will not hesitate to cut Michael Sam
• Bryan Fischer: The NFL is not watching out for Sam's welfare
• Debra JM Smith: It's time to boycott the NFL over free speech

• JIMMY Z WEEKEND 5/10-11/14 Side 1
May 11, 2014 05:35 AM PDT
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• What happened last weekend • Happy Mother's Day to the Moms • Girls abducted from a Nigerian Christian school by Boko Haram • Obama's silly hashtag agenda for getting the girls back • Hillary Clinton urged to put Boko Haram on terrorist list but refused • John Kerry slams jihadists for not giving girls a healthcare plan • Audio: Dallas Mavs owner Mark Cuban on the NBA slippery slope • Barbara Walters inexplicably interviews Sterling's ex GF V. Stiviano • Audio: Jay Carney argues with Jon Karl of ABC News over emails • NY Times reported release of smoking gun White House emails 

• JIMMY Z WEEKEND 4/26/14 Side 1
April 27, 2014 09:38 PM PDT
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• Joan Rivers tells another tasteless joke: This is news?
• Holocaust jokes? Sure, why not: It's Joan Rivers
• Kidnapping jokes and miscarriage jokes are typical fare
• Hillary Clinton's poll numbers dropping lately
• Dick Morris: Senate Committee & CIA Benghazi cover-up
• Santa Monica teacher reinstated after fight with student
• Atheism, SE Cupp and conservatism: Why it doesn't fly
• Joyce Meyer: The Christian Blessing of Knowledge
• James Dobson wins an Obamacare ruling in Colorado
• Former USSC Justice wants changes to 2nd Amendment
• Drunk hit & run driver gets 3 yrs 8 mths for killing cyclist
• Why aren't they charging Hawaii stowaway with a crime?
• Rapper Big Sean performs at the White House on Easter

• JIMMY Z WEEKEND 4/20/14 Side 1
April 20, 2014 10:49 AM PDT
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• Easter Sunday: Joel Osteen talks about Jesus' resurrection
• Latest information on the US Flag rally in Morgan Hill, California
• Anti-flag group on Facebook claims to be for unity and peace
• NBC Bay Area report on the controversy caused by counter protest
• Audio from the Morgan Hill School Board meeting: Kids safety

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